About Us

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The Establishing Conference of Ukrainian public organization "Ukrainian League of Authors" was held on April 28, 2010. On the Conference, the Charter of the League was approved and the members of both Council of Authors and Audit Commission of League were elected.

All-Ukrainian League of Authors positions itself as an organization that represents and protects the rights of authors and rightholders as well as works hard to establish a constructive dialogue between creators, users of copyrighted works and the state.

All-Ukrainian League of Authors is Ukrainian public non-governmental collective management organization. The League of Authors administers copyright and related rights, unites individuals or their representatives, performers, producers of phonograms (videograms), the results of creative activity of which are surrounding us, including multimedia. The League is established on the basis of voluntariness, the rule of law, harmony of   interests, equal rights of its members, publicity and self-regulation.

All-Ukrainian League of Authors carries out its activity in accordance with the Constitution, Civil Code and the Law of Ukraine "On Citizens' Associations”, the Law of Ukraine "On Copyright and Related Rights" and other regulations aimed at protection of intellectual property.

Another activity of the League is conclusion of agreements on representation and managing of rights of the authors who are not the members of League. In such a case, it charges a commission from the amount of royalty collected. We are open to discuss the percentage of such a commission with any specific rightholder or his/her representative.

All-Ukrainian League of Authors has the right and good will to represent and protect the rights and interests of its members, as well as to protect and represent the rights of foreign authors who entitled the League to.

Cooperation with the major rightholders’ organizations in Ukraine makes it possible to construct a model of cooperation among all stakeholders to satisfy the needs of both creators and copyright owners within the process of fair remuneration receipt and consumers for free exchange and consumption of the content.

Our task is to establish comfortable conditions for creators to work, for the copyright owners to administer their catalogues, and for the customers to have access to the largest possible number of works, and for the state to acquire due taxes sourcing from royalties deductions.