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1.1. All-Ukrainian League of Authors, hereinafter called “the League”, is All-Ukrainian public organization uniting individuals - authors of original and (or) derivative works, performers, producers of phonograms (videograms), the results of creative work of which are presented in any form, including multimedia one. The League is established on the basis of voluntariness, the rule of law, harmony of   interests, equal rights of its members, publicity and self-regulation.

1.2. The League operates under the Constitution of Ukraine, the Civil Code of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine "On Public Associations", the Law of Ukraine "On Copyright and Related Rights" and other regulations aimed at safety and protection of intellectual property rights on objects of copyright and related rights, as well as by this Statute.

1.3. The League is a non-profit, non-commercial and self-regulated organization

1.4. The League becomes a legal entity after its state registration. The League has its own balance sheet, concludes agreements (contracts, etc) on its behalf, has property rights, in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine can be a plaintiff, defendant and third party in a court, and has a right to open bank accounts for its statutory tasks.

1.5. The League has an individual membership.

1.6. The League has the right to represent and protect the rights and interests of its members in relations with authorities, other institutions, enterprises and organizations within powers given to it.

1.7. The League has its own seal, stamp and letterheads with its name, location and bankdetails and logo, samples of which are approved by the Board of Authors. Symbols of the League are registered in the order established by the current legislation of Ukraine.

1.8. The League may create local branches.

1.9. The League owns, uses and manages its property in accordance with the purpose of its activity and destination of property.

1.10. The League is responsible for its obligations only due to its ownership on property and its property rights, which, according to the legislation of Ukraine, may be seized. The League is not responsible for the obligations of its members, and members of the League are not responsible for the obligations of the League.

1.11. The State, its institutions and organizations is not responsible for the obligations of the League, as the League is not responsible for the obligations of the State, its institutions and organizations.

1.12. The activity of the League covers the whole territory of Ukraine through the formation of local branches that are not legal persons and legalize their activities by notification of their establishment. Local offices operate under the provisions adopted by their governing bodies and are approved by the Board of Authors.

1.13. The Statutory Organs of the League:

1.13.1. The Conference of Members;

1.13.2. The Board of Authors;

1.13.3. The Board of Trustees;

1.13.4. The Executive Board;

1.13.5. The Audit Commission.

1.14. The full name of the League in Ukrainian language is:

Всеукраїнська громадська організація

«Всеукраїнська Ліга Авторів»

Short name of the League:

ВГО «Всеукраїнська Ліга Авторів»

Full name of the League in English:

All-Ukrainian Public Organization

"Ukrainian League of Authors"

Brief name of the League in English:

UPO «Ukrainian League of Authors»

1.16. The League has exclusive right to use its name and logo which belong to it in accordance with the property rights, registered in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of Ukraine.

1.17. Legal address of the League: 6, Saksagansky Street, 01033, Kyiv, Ukraine,

1.18. The League was established for an indefinite period of activity.