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9.1. The Audit Commission of the League exercises control over the observance of the Statute of the League, the preservation of its property, the legitimacy of its contracts, financial and economic activities, the receipt and expenditure of material resources and funds, over the accounting and reporting of the League in accordance with current legislation of Ukraine.

9.2. Members of the Audit Commission are elected, for five-year period, by the Conference of three (3) persons from among the members of the League

9.3. Member of the Audit Commission shall in no case be the member of the Board of Authors.

9.4. Members of the Audit Commission shall elect from among its members the Head of Auditing Commission, which manages its activities and signs the acts of the Audit Commission.

9.5. The Audit Commission in its activity is guided by the the laws of Ukraine, the Statute of the League and reports to the Conference.

9.6. The Audit Commission:

9.6.1. Conducts an annual audit of financial activities of the League;

9.6.2. Following the annual audit it shall submit an act of revision to the Board of Authors;

9.6.3. By decision of the Board of Authors it audits the local branches of the League;

9.7. Upon the request of the Audit Commission, the officials of the League shall provide all materials, accounting and other documents, as well as personal explanations regarding the financial and economic activities of the League. If necessary, Audit Commission is entitled to demand from the Director and the Board of Authors the decision to conduct an independent audit of financial and economic activities of the League, bringing to responsibility the employees of the League or demanding their release in the presence of legitimate reasons.

9.8. In case of detection of any abuses committed by officials of the League, the Audit Commission is oblidged to convene the Board of Authors of the League and report on abuses